My dad is probably one of the most dedicated photographers ever. Almost crazy, in a good way. He can wait hours just to get his perfect shot and he has gotten up at very early hours to go take pictures. Sometimes I think that if it weren't for us telling him the time he could sit and wait for hours! Of course hard work pays off as you can see from his website. He has amazing pictures of wildlife from all around the world.

He is also very respectful of the animals and the environment. Sometimes I go out and take pictures with him. When I was 7 it was a huge pain, of course the patience of most 7 year olds is horrible. Now I enjoy it a lot, obviously my patience has grown!

One of the reasons that I like it is because it is something that my dad and I can do together. He has helped and shown me how to use the cameras and I have a few nice pictures that he has put on this website. These are my reasons for why I think my dad is a great photographer!

Photographing eagles in Alaska. Photo: John Obenaus

Photographing eagles in Alaska.
Photo: John Obenaus


CBC Interview

The CBC interviews Ken about his winning photo of three trumpeter swans in the 2006 Canadian Geographic Photo contest.